DZO recently turned to Southeast Asia, with a particular focus on Thailand. Again coffee was the initial draw, and DZO was invited to help the growers of northern Thailand. They were interested not only in the product line, but the DZO organic approach to crop maintenance, fertilization, nutrient retention, water management, and disease control. Thailand is the perfect testing ground for DZO products, with major agricultural industries for both export and domestic consumption, hot humid weather 11 months per year, and an abundance of fungal and other pathogens. Field-testing is currently being conducted for coffee, tomatoes, rice, tree fruits, mango, and soon to begin on mulberry, the favored leaf of the famous Thai silk worms. With their abundance of coffee and so many export crops the countries of Laos, Vietnam, and Indonesia are key markets for DZO. Field teams are now being readied for each of these countries.