Latin America

DZO is currently undergoing product testing in Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, and Mexico. With the advent of La Roya II, now hitting several coffee producing countries, DZO will soon be involved with coffee growers in Honduras. With great success, extensive field-testing was conducted in Brazil in 2017 on coffee (Arabica and Robusta), cacao, and kaki (persimmon) and stone fruits.

Crops currently under experimentation include coffee, tomatoes, potatoes, rice, citrus, papaya, grapes, avocado, kaki, pineapple, cacao, berries, corn, sugar cane, bananas, lettuce, and ornamental flowers.

Growers in Chile have expressed a strong interest in DZO products. We will be sending field teams there in early 2019.

Increased awareness of the spread of the La Roya fungus has prompted coffee growers and scientists in Bolivia to reach out to DZO for assistance in Combatting, not only this, but other crop pathogens as well. Field-testing will commence in Bolivia later in 2018