Why DefenZa Organica?

DefenZa is Bee/pollinator friendly, ideally suited for integrated pest management and sustainable farming practices because they are biodegradeable, and leave NO chemical residue.

  • Biodegradablec
  • Environmentally safe
  • Non-phytotoxic
  • Corrects nutrient deficiencies
  • Controls plant pathogens
  • Promotes resistance to stress
  • Low withholding period
  • Patent Pending


DefenZa Organica LLC is driven to provide farmers throughout the world the ultimate in Organic and Natural crop solutions, while simultaneously providing plants and trees with optimal nutrition, fortifying immunity, curing virulent plant diseases, sustaining significantly greater yields, all while protecting the natural environment, animals, watershed, bees, and other friendly pollinators.

Our goal at DZO is to provide abundant, safe, clean, nutritious food crops, while protecting the health and well being of farmers and the operators who produce the world’s food.

Our Goal

DZAzul, in combination with DZBoost, represent a radical departure in the way we can control some of the most difficult fungi and other invading disease. First we aim to destroy pathogen infestation and restore each plant to full health. Then, through a foliar infusion of the correct combination of key micronutrients, we naturally stimulate the plant’s own immunity, and bring it back to full vitality with new and higher levels of fruit and vegetable production. With regular maintenance sprays pathogens remain at bay, plants remain strong, disease resistant, and yields grow.