“DefenZa is a gentle, organic based, foliar feed micronutrient fertilizer that immediately boosts plant growth and recovery. ”

DefenZa works with a plants natural immunity, providing organic tools to help plants defend against crop diseases from fungal/bacterial spore germination through systemic disease phases.

With multiple modes of topical and systemic action on fungal & bacterial cells, DefenZa is effective against many pathogens otherwise resistant to typical pesticide groups

DefenZa foliar spray product line is suitable for all crops:

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-GMO
  • Green chemistry
  • Organic constituents
  • Novel & naturally derived
  • Environmentally safe

All DZO concentrated products are formulated for:

  • Balanced monthly to quarterly application
  • Optimization of plant systemic nutrition
  • Pathogen specific disease defense
  • Maximization of crop yields
  • Environmental safety

DefenZa is a Foliar Fertilizer too . . .

  • Foliar crop spraying is a direct route to plants and supplemental to soil
  • Effective foliar uptake of 85% or more
  • Effective soil uptake of 15%
  • Diffusion of water carrying nutrients & natural chelation drive nutrient
  • Uptake and systemic action
  • Premium formulation with excellent dispersal properties
  • Enriches the soil with vital nutrients